Character Creation

This framework brings you one of the best character selectors out there! You have the option to make your character name, Your character DOB, Twitter (twitter) and your department (based on perms). We have also built in a word filter system meaning you can blacklist certain words within the Twitter section. We have built a client side settings button to the UI to enhance players experience and be able to change how their UI looks whether it's dark mode etc.

Chat Integration

No more extra scripts for chat commands. This framework has a built-in chat system that allows users to have a way better experience by displaying their in-game character which is selected within the character selector menu. There are over 30+ chat commands Integrated into the framework. We have built an admin system into the framework and integrated commands into it such as /calladmin and more.

Addon Script

Not only you get a badass framework that features over 50 features we have decided to step up and be different. Here are some of the following features the framework includes:

  • Jail UI
  • Discord Rich Presence
  • Show ID
  • Hospital UI
  • Priority
  • Peacetime
  • AOP
  • 911
  • Chat Clear
  • Door lock
  • Discord ban checker
  • Whitelist system via discord roles
  • Death system
  • AI Cop weapon giver
  • Custom built in exports
  • Version Checker
  • over 300 lines of config!
  • Admin commands
  • Client side settings
  • Image slideshow via UI

And so much more!

Everything is configurable
You are able to change anything to your servers liking for example changing departments disable scripts and so much more!

V1 Buyer

Make sure to open a ticket via discord or ask in client-chat how to get the discount!

FiveM Framework V2 — $50


Public resources such as stack overflow, FiveM Forums.

User Reviews

Product: FiveM Framework V2 5/5

“Nat is the best Developer ever! His Framework is unbelievable, it is fantastic. Like holy crap, it's the best Framework I ever seen in my life.”Jon N.

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Product: FiveM Framework V2 5/5

“This Framework Has Dedicated Me to Develop My FiveM Server More as it has alot of Good Features BUY IT NOW”Dustin

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Product: FiveM Framework V2 5/5

“Had The V1 Liked it, Got the V2 Loved it! defo worth the switch ez config, great customizability, and well structured love how incorporates all these scripts into on”TMS Radil

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Product: FiveM Framework V2 5/5

“It was a great purchase and he helps 5/5”TREMODS

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