Terms of Service/Use

NAT2K15 Development ToS

  • Without my written permission, you may not resell or distribute any of my work. A ban will be imposed, and legal action may be pursued.
  • My credits may not be removed from any items or services. This contains both paid and unpaid items. You can only do so if I give you permission.
  • I have the right to refuse to allow you to distribute my work to server owners. Please notice that you must first confirm with me.
  • Refunds are uncommon, and if they do occur, they must be approved by NAT2K15. Any attempt at a chargeback will result in the termination of all assets.
  • Any attempt or threat of a chargeback is strictly prohibited, and any attempt or threat will result in termination of all assets.
  • Without my written consent, you may not resell, leak, or publicly distribute my work.
  • I have the authority to revoke access to your assets at any moment and for any cause.
  • For any reason, I reserve the right to blacklist you at any time.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any user's request for a custom order.
  • The Terms of Service for NAT2K15 Development may change at any time for any reason.
  • While a client in NAT2K15 Development, you are not allowed to be on any leaking servers (in discord). If you are proven to be in a leaking server, you may be suspended or terminated at any moment.
  • All payments are made through our website and only our website. Commissions will be procced via an invoice.
  • NAT2K15 is not obligated to provide support to any of any of the clients.
  • Any of the NAT2K15 products could be obfuscated (locked/uneditable). You can't ensure that you'll be able to edit any of my items. You can check by contacting our support member via discord.
  • We will not be held liable for any damage our assets may cause to your computer.
  • The longevity of our products cannot be assured indefinitely, as the evolution of technology may render certain components or packages obsolete over time. Hence, we do not guarantee a product's sustained functionality over a three-year period. Nevertheless, we remain committed to collaborating with our clients to address any issues that may arise and ensure satisfactory resolution.


  • We reserve the right to deny any refund requests for any reason. We may issue a partial refund if the user has not downloaded or utilized the product within three days of purchase.
  • Demanding a refund may result in immediate expulsion from our community and possible cancellation of all paid items.

Last updated 2022-11-11 | 12:00 PM