Terms of Service/Use

NAT2K15 Development ToS

  • You may not resell any of my work. Doing so will result in a ban and may lead into legal actions.
  • You may not remove my credits from any products/services this includes free products as well. The only
    time you can is when I approve so.
  • I have the right to deny you giving out my work to server owners. Please note you must verify with me before doing so.
  • You may not charge back doing so will result in blacklist.
  • If you own a server and need your devs to help you with scripts you must let me know before hand.
  • You cannot resell/leak/public release my work without full permission by me.
  • I can remove your access to the paid files if you won a giveaway at any time for any reason.
  • I can blacklist you at anytime for any reason.
  • I can decline making you a custom bot or blacklist you from shop for any reason at any time
  • I NAT2K15#2951 have the right to change this tos at any given time
    For all custom orders. You must pay before we start our project. All payments are done in USD currency