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At NAT2K15 Development, we are dedicated to ensuring that every member of our Discord and broader community enjoys an exceptional experience with our NAT2K15 products for the FiveM community. Our mission is to deliver top-quality scripts and development services that cater to the unique needs of our community members.

With nearly 3 years of active presence in the FiveM community, NAT2K15 Development initially started by creating Discord bots. Recently, we expanded our expertise to include scripting for FiveM, while continuing to offer Discord bots through our website.

Our goal is to provide a custom-tailored experience that perfectly meets your requirements. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to open a ticket. We're here to help!

FiveM Framework V2

# Character Creation This framework brings you one of the best character selectors out there! You have the option to make your character name, Your character DOB, Twitter (twitter) and your department (based on perms). We have also built in a word filter system meaning you can blacklist certain words within the Twitter section. We have built a client side settings button to the UI to enhance players experience and be able to change how their UI looks whether it's dark mode etc. # Chat Integration No more extra scripts for chat c...

User Reviews

Product: FiveM Admin Zone 5/5

“Works Great. Tells people where the staff scene is happening and informs them to avoid it. ”e34333

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Product: FiveM Radar Gun 5/5

“The Radar Gun Allows me to Improve the Accuracy of The RP Inside of my server appreciate NAT for his hard work and dedication”Dustin

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Product: Discord Music Bot 5/5

“Amazing bot, and a great idea in general. Bought it a while ago haven’t had any issues with it! ”H4r1ey

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Product: Discord Stripe Bot 5/5

“This bot allows me to Keep on Track of the Purchases within my Community Wouldnt Use any other payments ”Dustin

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