Ban System

Ever tired of dealing with cheaters and your not home? While we introduce our brand ban system! You are now able to ban players via discord.


Allows you to change the weather via a discord command.

Start/stop resources

Ever needed to stop/start a resource but the admin does not have perms with a discord command you will be able to stop/start resources


You will be able to refresh all the resources through a discord command (just like a refresh in the server console)

Send messages

Ever wanted to send an important message to all users on the server but you weren't on? With this bot, you are able to send a message into the game so everyone can see it through a discord command.

Kick System

You are now able to kick users via a discord command


You are able to create a whitelist system via config

Players Update

Ever wanted to notify all your member on who is on. This bot will send a nice embed to discord updating every 15 seconds showing who is online with their discord ID and ping. An example can be found Here

Clear chat

Ever had a player spammed bad words in chat? While now you are able to clear chat via a discord command!

FiveM Discord Bot V2 — $9.99

User Reviews

Product: FiveM Discord Bot V2 5/5

“Great Bot Easy to use”TREMODS

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Product: FiveM Discord Bot V2 5/5

“This bot is cheap and affordable. Additionally, it is very simple to configure. Great work as always Nat!”Kromstar

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Product: FiveM Discord Bot V2 5/5

“Love Love It”Dustin

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Product: FiveM Discord Bot V2 5/5

“I have seen many bots like this but the price is ridiculous. I would buy this one instead”2XRondo

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