FiveM Standalone Blip System

Upgrade your server with the FiveM standalone blip system, a super flexible script that shows blips all over your server. Whether you want to highlight admins, gangs, or any other group, this script can handle it.


  • Easy Config: Customize the script to fit your server's style.
  • Admin Tools: Manage blips with built-in admin controls.
  • One Sync Ready: Works smoothly with One Sync (legacy is recommended).
  • Vehicle Compatibility: Check out blips whether you’re in a car, bike, helicopter, or anything else.
  • Consistent Visibility: Blips stay visible no matter where you are or how you’re getting around.
  • And more! Discover tons of features to enhance your server.

Take your server to the next level with this awesome blip system!

This script will work best when onesync legacy is enabled.

FiveM Standalone Blip System — $9.99