This custom bot is a standalone FiveM script which uses the discord.js npm library. It comes with 8 commands and a friendly config


Ever owned a server and someone is messing around on it and your on your phone and didn't wanna log on well, with this discord bot you will be able to kick users from in-game from a discord command such as
!kick 1 bad boy

Start/stop resources

Ever needed to stop/start a resource but the admin does not have perms with a discord command you will be able to stop/start resources


You will be able to refresh all the resource through a discord command (just like a refresh in the server console)

Send messages

Ever wanted to send an important message to all users on the server but you weren't on? With this bot, you are able to send a message into the game so everyone can see it through a discord command.


This command will tell you how long the server has been up for.

H1 players

This command will tell you how many users are on the server!

and much more features if you have any questions regarding this product make sure to open a ticket inside of the discord server.

FiveM Discord Bot — $4.99

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