Fork info

This script was forked by NAT2K15 to support his framework. I am not the original creator of this. all credits goes to original author.


The most realistic Axon Body 3 script, based off of RCPisAwesome's Axon Body Camera.

  • Supports the TFNRP framework to allow use for LEO.
  • Just like the real thing. Beeps every 2 minutes whilst recording, audible to nearby players.
  • Realistic overlay, with the same font used by Axon, ISO-8601 date format and transparent Axon logo.
  • Maximum server performance. Everything that can be done client-side, is.
  • Two commands included:
    /axon, /axonon, /axonoff - Starts/stops Axon recording
    /axonhide, /axonshow - Hide/show the first-person overlay

FiveM Axon Body 3 FORK


Original Creator