Ever wanted to have your own custom music bot in your discord server? Well, here it is. Below are listed all the features that come with this bot

Tune commands

Ever got bored of the default music and wanted to tune it well this bot gives 15+ tunes options for you to choose from.

Multi Guild support

This bot supports being in more than one server. You can invite it to whatever server you would like.

No API keys required

No need to get API keys all you need is a host to host the bot.

Simple Config

In the bot, you have a very simple config. Very user-friendly (support is given if needed)

Custom Name & Profile Picture
You can choose the bots photo simply by heading to discord developer and choosing your own logo

Discord Music Bot — $5

User Reviews

Product: Discord Music Bot 5/5

“It works as listed. GOOD”vero

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Product: Discord Music Bot 5/5

“Since all music bots got shut down I def recommend buying this for your own use.”2XRondo

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Product: Discord Music Bot 5/5

“Amazing bot, and a great idea in general. Bought it a while ago haven’t had any issues with it! ”H4r1ey

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