Coast To Coast

Coast To Coast RP is a new FiveM server located in San Andreas! We feature custom cars (both LEO and civ), No ESX(Free Add-on Vehicles), as well as Non ELS vehicles, a working cad/mdt, and tons of other scripts!
Our intent is to provide a welcoming server for everyone and to have a great time.
This community was brought to life in late April 2021 , and has started off with a player base of over 50+. We would like to expand this community and make it a home to not only new role-players, but veterans who seek unique role-plays. We’ve spent NUMEROUS hours creating things and putting things into the server to make it better. :ctclogo:

Here are some of the things Coast to Coast RP has to offer:

  • vMenu Based
  • Blaine County Sheriffs Office
  • San Andreas State Troopers
  • San Andreas Fire and Rescue
  • Gangs and Car Clubs

Many thanks to all that join or consider joining, it means a lot.

• Must act maturely. Any and all childish behavior will not be tolerated.
• Absolutely no trolling. This is a guaranteed removal.
• Must understand how to use vMenu.
• Must have a working Mic
• Must have Discord. This is how our members will communicate and how announcements will be sent out to the community.
Once again thanks to everyone that gives us a chance. Greatly appreciated.
• Discord: